Our aim in Cocorica is to make everyone happy in every cup! And we want to put that on a higher level with an iPhone 8! Yes, you’ve read it right! We will be giving away not just an iPhone 8, but also one free drink everytime you complete the badge just by drinking Cocorica!

Here are the mechanics:

1. Buy any Cocorica beverage and you will be given the Cocorica Redemption card.
2. Keep buying Cocorica Beverages and present your Cocorica Redemption Card everytime you purchase a drink with us.
3. The cashier will put a stamp badge at the back of the redemption card.
4. After the 10th stamp badge, you will have one free Cocorica drink of your choice.
5. The completed redemption card will serve as the official raffle entry. the more completed Cocorica Redemption cards, the more chances of winning!

Raffle draw for the iPhone will be announced soon! Stay tuned for that!

What are you waiting for? Start collecting badge now!

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