October 26, 2017 – Instant beverages are now hype in the Philippines. Brands from all around the world are invading the Philippines because of the demand. Cocorica is now serving Quality, Aroma and Happiness in Cebu, at the ground floor of Parkmall.
What is Cocorica?
Cocorica is a Malaysian brand serving quality beverages at an affordable price. They are using refined chocolates paired with coffee that is perfect after a day of work.
Cocorica came from two separate words, “Cocoa” or butter cocoa, which is a kind of chocolate that they used for the beverages and “Liberica” which is a specie of flowering plant in the Rubiaceae Family. A coffee that is native to Western and Central Africa from Liberia to Uganda and Angola.
Cocorica Malaysia also won the Honesty Award by the Malaysian government in 2016. Together with it’s team of RND (Research and Development), they keep on producing quality and affordable products.
During the first week of launching, Cocorica offers php20.00 on all drinks available. This promo is valid until October 31, 2017 and
started with two flavors; The Cocorica and Green Tea.
Overview of the Menu:
Cocorica Menu:
  • Cocorica
  • Cappucino
  • Caramel Macchiato
Chocolate Series:
  • Premium Dark Chocolate
  • Premium Mint Chocolate
  • Premium Green Tea
Fruit Series:
  • Blue Hawaii Yogurt
  • Honeydew Yogurt
  • Peach Yogurt
  • Lemon Yogurt
  • Mango Milk
  • Mango Yogurt
Hot Series:
  • Cocorica
  • Chocolate
  • Cappucino
The Tagline
“Serving Quality, Aroma and Happiness” is the brand’s tagline as it aims to serve Filipinos a different perspective taste in instant beverages that only Cocorica can offer. They are different in terms of the variety of products they serve with quality in addition to the affordable prices for each product. At the end of the day, they want Filipinos to #TasteHappiness for each beverage.